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Beatrice Garrett


  • As our first ever professional speaker for Teens Grow Greens, Beatrice spoke on what it means to manifest, develop, and uphold confidence, accompanied by a dynamic and engaging discussion! Beatrice’s exceptional ability to articulate, storytell, listen, and adjust to her audience has allowed her to leave an everlasting impact and inspiration on our group of teens! Her words and ideas are some that are still referenced each day at Teens Grow Greens, and for that we are most appreciative!

    Ryan Graham
    Education Manager, Teens Grow Greens
  • You spoke with our employees in October 2019 and I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that people still talk about your presentation. You definitely had a positive impact on all of us, Thank you!!

    Dennis Kurutz
    Production Supervisor, Shakeproof Milwaukee Facility
  • Great speaker, helped me a lot because I am lost in my personal life. Could not get machine running and was going to take ppt. I thought about what she said and stuck it out and got machine running. I would of just gave up if it wasn’t’ for her.

    Shakepoof Milwaukee Facility Group
  • Just wanted to send a note your way that I continue to hear good things-fruit from you ministry at Women’s Camp, and I praise God for these things!

    Jennifer Woodard
    Salvation Army Divisional Women's Ministries Secretary, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
  • I  honestly wish camp was a little longer so we could hear  more from you. You hit on a few spots that I have been struggling with in my life with my ex-husband. 

    Salvation Army Women's Camp
Beatrice Garrett

Beatrice Garrett

After passing the Bar exam to practice law, I never imagined being an author or speaker. I have always been driven to do work that is meaningful and impactful. As a staff attorney for a public interest law firm advocating for the poor, marginalized, and children, I was living my mission, at least I thought. My life was interrupted by disruption on a warm, balmy Summer morning in June. The firm’s executive director told me within three hours of walking into my office that the grant funding for my position was not renewed. I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Prior to being unemployed, I was searching for a new opportunity; however, I didn’t have any job offers to consider or any interviews scheduled. I was upset with God for selfish reasons. I wanted to leave the firm on my terms. 

Despite all of my efforts, I could not find a job. I wrestled with God to hold on to my dreams while at the same time resisting his plan and purpose for my life. When I realized there was another plan for me outside of the legal profession, I accepted the invitation of God and surrendered to the process. Clueless and afraid, I stepped into the unknown. The journey felt like a roller coaster ride full of sharp curves, highs, lows, hills, and drops. In the chaos and uncertainty, I discovered my life’s purpose of being an inspirational speaker when I obeyed God’s instruction to start the Milwaukee Chapter of Courtside Ministry, a National Prayer Ministry.  A team of volunteers and I  prayed for people outside the same courthouse I went into to practice law. Only God could divinely orchestrate a disruptive moment that would lead me to discover his master plan for my life!

As a  speaker and digital content creator, I inspire and help audiences to embrace disruption with a four-step process I discovered in my season of disruption, find the overcomer within, and be resilient through any challenge. I enjoy reading about spiritual growth and personal development, and nutrition. Working out is my medicine, and community service makes my soul feel good. And I am the author of the Ebook, The Overcomer in You.


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