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Beatrice Garrett


  • As our first ever professional speaker for Teens Grow Greens, Beatrice spoke on what it means to manifest, develop, and uphold confidence, accompanied by a dynamic and engaging discussion! Beatrice’s exceptional ability to articulate, storytell, listen, and adjust to her audience has allowed her to leave an everlasting impact and inspiration on our group of teens! Her words and ideas are some that are still referenced each day at Teens Grow Greens, and for that we are most appreciative!

    Ryan Graham
    Education Manager, Teens Grow Greens
  • You spoke with our employees in October 2019 and I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that people still talk about your presentation. You definitely had a positive impact on all of us, Thank you!!

    Dennis Kurutz
    Production Supervisor, Shakeproof Milwaukee Facility
  • Great speaker, helped me a lot because I am lost in my personal life. Could not get machine running and was going to take ppt. I thought about what she said and stuck it out and got machine running. I would of just gave up if it wasn’t’ for her.

    Shakepoof Milwaukee Facility Group
  • Just wanted to send a note your way that I continue to hear good things-fruit from you ministry at Women’s Camp, and I praise God for these things!

    Jennifer Woodard
    Salvation Army Divisional Women's Ministries Secretary, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
  • I  honestly wish camp was a little longer so we could hear  more from you. You hit on a few spots that I have been struggling with in my life with my ex-husband. 

    Salvation Army Women's Camp
Beatrice Garrett

Empowering Motivational speaker and Christian life coach transforming lives through faith and resilience.  I’m Beatrice Garrett, motivational speaker, Christian life coach, and author of the eBook, The Overcomer In You. I also offer a collection of inspirational merchandise to further the message of perseverance and unyielding belief.

Anchored in the principles of faith and resilience, I aim to inspire and motivate as a speaker for Christian and corporate events. My goal is to cultivate the overcomer within, empowering individuals to harness inner strength and rise above adversity. I am passionate about guiding you through challenges and uncertainty by infusing faith and practical life strategies to help you navigate life transitions with grace through tailored coaching services.

Navigating unexpected unemployment divine roadblocks propelled me into the unknown when the grant funding my position as a staff attorney did not renew. This transition inspired me to embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery. Trusting God and his guidance led me to discover my life purpose of motivating and empowering others to overcome life challenges with faith and resilience.

If you are seeking a life coach or a speaker to inspire transformation and growth for your Christian or corporate event in the United States and internationally, let’s connect to explore the opportunity to bring a meaningful and uplifting message for your audience. 




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